Intel / PixMob: A Step Closer to the Fundamentals of Human Experience

PixMob had the chance to be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the beginning of the month, where we participated in the launch of a very exciting product we have been working on with the technological innovation gurus at Intel. The conference, which took place in Las Vegas January 6th-9th, brought together some of the greatest minds in the thriving field of consumer technologies.

PixMob worked with Intel to integrate the Intel Curie module into a wristband that unlocks a whole new range of opportunities. While this new wristband appears identical to the PixMob PRO 2 bracelet, it can do much more: it can recognize complex gestures in real time and allows these movements to control the colour and intensity of the bracelet. Through their gestures, the audience can now trigger and control what is happening on stage while the artist is also in direct control of the crowd experience with their own wearable. The bracelet can also link to other interfaces, such as Garage Band, to become an instrument that responds precisely to user movements.

An entirely new type of immersive experience is made possible. Individuals’ spontaneous emotional reactions, as expressed through their gestures, can be illustrated immediately through changes in light. This was brilliantly demonstrated in A. R. Rahman’s performance at CES 2016. For example, as the artist asked the crowd to wave, individuals wristbands turned red, eventually turning the crowd into a sea of red light. Rahman then waved all the color away with a simple gesture.

This innovation adds a new dimension to PixMob’s product portfolio and to the type of experience we are able to offer. We can now take immersive shows to a new level, with audiences and artists interacting through their gestures. The PixMob experience has come one step closer to capturing those interactions and emotions that are so fundamental to the human experience.