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Making Memories, Not Footprints.

Making Memories, Not Footprints.

Happy Earth Day from PixMob!

Today we celebrate our commitment to sustainability and the progress we’ve made towards a greener live entertainment future. This year, we kept 6.4 tons of waste out of the landfill through innovative, immersive crowd lighting technology.

As a company dedicated to sparking collective joy, our mission is to make impacts on people, not the planet. We’ve achieved this through environment-forward innovation; deploying live lighting experiences that inspire awe while reducing carbon footprints. 

The past year we deployed our most sustainable experience yet: the world’s first compostable 7 LED wristband, used on the Coldplay Music of the Spheres World tour.

Made with plant-based plastic sourced from renewable sugarcane, this wristband is not only compostable but can be refurbished and reused throughout the entirety of a tour (and beyond). 

Millions of fans attended Coldplay’s tour. With over 85% of wristbands recovered at each show, this design turned a traditionally single-use experience into renewable awesomeness. 

Beyond this milestone, we’ve innovated our products to be built from recycled materials, and have made them more easily refurbishable. We even successfully created LED wristbands made out of recycled water bottles; using caps to make the casing and bottles to create the wristband strap.

We’ve designed our products to use fewer materials and processes, and have worked to close the loop even further by implementing our two-time LDI Sustainability Award-winning on-site recycling program, which kept 6.4 tons (5845 kg) of battery waste out of the landfill for one tour alone. 

We are far from done, but remain committed to driving our company and the industry at large towards a brighter, more sustainable future. We encourage everyone to join us in this mission, and applaud the incredible efforts of our partners and peers who are all making a difference. 

Want to further explore and discuss PixMob’s sustainable immersive lighting technology? Sit down with our CEO Vincent Leclerc, who will be sharing his experience at the Pro Light and Sound conference in Germany on April 27th at 2pm. 

Let's work together to make the future bright!