From Intern to Executive: Going Down Memory Lane with Sophie Blondeau

From Intern to Executive: Going Down Memory Lane with Sophie Blondeau

First up on our employee spotlight series is Sophie Blondeau. A PixMob veteran, Sophie’s been at the company since 2013. 

After starting as a marketing intern, collaborating extensively with all departments, Sophie quickly rose through the ranks—becoming a project manager, then show producer, and ultimately landing in her current role as Executive Producer. Today, she’s the ringmaster behind all our exciting shows.

She brings with her a unique blend of passion and perseverance. Her superpower: Getting things done. 

We sit down with Sophie to unpack the special moments of her time at the company, how she manages herself in this fast-paced environment, and tips for leveling up in one’s career. 

1. How did you end up in this role? And can you tell me a little about your career trajectory?

I was still at university when I started my internship at PixMob in 2013. Initially, I was part of the marketing department where I worked on the website copy, ad reels, print guides, etc. After a few weeks, we signed on a client in Sweden and I was offered the title of project manager for that assignment.

A colleague and I flew all the way to Sweden to meet with the client and discuss the project creatively. This was my first experience in the live events industry. I returned on-site for the event and the show was a success. 

This was a pivotal moment in my career. After that, I managed several PixMob projects for two years, including some big ones, and started building an in-house production team. 

In 2015, when we signed our first world tour, I was deeply involved in on-site planning. Tours were full of memorable moments, and working on them ended up being a life-changing experience for me. I loved every minute of it.

The year after, we experimented with an office in Brussels. I was there for three months, handling sales and doing operations for UAE and Europe. 

After being on the road for the better part of three or four years, I returned to Montreal and was promoted to Executive Producer. I was in that role for two years, managing a team of 10, delivering projects, and traveling the world.

Then the pandemic hit and the live events industry screeched to a halt. 

As a company, we rallied to stay afloat. The first few months were tough as we tried several initiatives before Safeteams was born. I led the team and now that events are coming back, I am pumped to see what’s next!

2. You’ve worked in different verticals inside the company and recently joined the management team. How did you level up?

I would say that it is a heady mix of experience, dedication, motivation, and a solid team.

It is a heady mix of experience, dedication, motivation, and a solid team.

I would also like to give an honorary mention to Google (laughs). I read a lot of books to understand more about the different business elements within a company. For example, since I am currently working with our HR department on recruitment and onboarding, I am reading books to understand the motivations of candidates and how we can attract top talent. I also back my instincts, take charge, and just go for it.

3. You’re working on so many projects. How do you stay organized?

I try to knock things off the to-do list quickly so I can move on to the next big thing. Since I enjoy spinning so many plates, I try to keep a tight schedule. I am still tinkering with it. But I will stress the importance of focus work over rigid work hours. Sometimes, when I am in the zone, I stretch the workday to finish what I am working on. It is all about managing your energy. 

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4. Who has been a mentor and a friend during this roller coaster ride at PixMob?

There are several people who have helped me walk, nay, run on this adventurous path. I’ll try and narrow down the list. Firstly, Jean-Olivier (President - Deal strategy and PixMob) taught me the biggest lesson: Less is more. Every time I am stuck, I remember that. That helps me focus on the big picture. 

I am also greatly inspired by Ysabel Vangrudenberg. She worked with us for a while as an account manager in business development, with deep know-how in production and business management. She is a true role model. 

Another person I’d like to mention is Christophe. He joined us as technical director and transitioned into product management after 10 years. Although he’ll probably hate me for saying this since he finds it hard to take a compliment (hehe), his technical skills are unmatched and his work ethic is impeccable. 

Rafael (creative consultant) showed me how to manage clients creatively, bring our technology and vision to life, and add that generous dab of magic to the otherwise dull technical nitty-gritty.

5. What’s been your most memorable moment and learning?

All the tours I’ve been on have been pretty memorable. One experience that stands out to me is our visit to Turkmenistan. It was a culturally and physically challenging experience. It taught me the importance of a close-knit team, people you can lean on. With the right team on your side, you can overcome any obstacle. It is also important to remember that there is always stuff beyond our control and we should be cognizant of that.

With the right team on your side, you can overcome any obstacle. It is also important to remember that there is always stuff beyond our control and we should be cognizant of that.

After traveling to so many different countries, I am more appreciative of diverse cultures.

The past year has been a little rocky, to say the least. But it makes me so proud to see the team we’ve built together. We have each other’s back at all times. When we pivoted our focus from events to contact tracing, the production team chose to stay with us and fight the good fight. There is nothing we cannot do as a team and that is a proud feeling. 

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6. How would you describe the culture at PixMob? What advice would you give someone who is looking to join the team?

We get things done, deliver excellence as a team, and stay humble. No matter what challenges we face, we unite as a team to overcome them.

You’ve got to trust your instinct, trust yourself, and believe. The leadership team is there to help you guide you and you have the freedom to agree or disagree.

Always remember to ask yourself if your choice is best for the customer and for the company. That’s the north star.

With this directional compass, you will never go wrong.