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University of Michigan - The halftime show

PixmOb_Michigan Marching Band_Halftime Tribute


Ann Arbor, Michigan


Michigan Stadium


NOVA & Custom objects

The Michigan Marching Band pays an illuminated 9/11 halftime tribute

The Michigan Marching Band put on a spectacular show from start to finish to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and embodied the phrase “never forget.” 

The group performed a 10-minute show called “We Remember,” starting by spelling the word “heroes” and creating memorable formations of the World Trade Center’s twin towers, an outline of the United States, and an American Flag during the show.

PixMob worked closely with the Band Directors to bring their vision to life with the mandate to create a grand, emotional, and respectful ceremony. At the ceremony, 600+ performers wore the PixMob’s brightest pixel—NOVA— in their hats and spun flags and umbrellas as props that were also fitted with the LED NOVA. The PixMob team pre-programmed lighting effects that were in sync with the choreography and music cues. The crew participated in three days of rehearsals to ensure a seamless execution at showtime. 

John Pasquale, the director of the Michigan Marching Band, called the ceremony the most elaborate, extravagant, and spectacular live program college football fans saw on that day. He said, "Nothing like this has ever been done before by a college marching band. Ever.”

By collaborating with PixMob, the Michigan Marching Band delivered a bespoke lighting experience that was memorable for fans and band members alike.