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The National Day of Singapore 2021





Marina Bay Floating Platform


NOVA, Wristband X2 & Custom objects

Celebrating Singapore's independence with a unique visual experience

The National Day of Singapore is an annual event held at The Float @ Marina Bay. The day holds deep cultural significance for the country and is a reflection of its rich values and culture as a community. This year, Singapore’s 56th year of independence celebration was held on 21 August, witnessing a soaring display of performers, the Red Lions, and F-15SG fighter jets. Keeping the pandemic precautions in mind, a limited crowd was in attendance at the 20,000-capacity stadium. 

For this special ceremony, PixMob partnered with the event production managers to make the event come alive. After several creative discussions with the team, our innovative product team designed and delivered custom objects that elevated the event experience. Our crew of three personnel worked on-site during the summer to ensure we left no stone unturned in making the ceremony a success.

The performers in the National Day Parade wore the NOVA—our latest and brightest Pixel ever—to shine a little brighter. And at nightfall, our custom-made maracas (also called shakers) made the scene come alive and turned the grandstand into a shimmering sea of light. We also installed light pucks on seats to amplify the overall stadium experience. During the show segment of National Day Parade 2021, dancers performed in artificial rain holding umbrellas, each fitted with three NOVAs, creating a spectacular view. 

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the organizing committee, our on-site crew, and everyone who watched the ceremonies, in person or on television.