NBA All-Stars

NBA All-Stars


New York, Brooklyn, USA


32,000 participants


LED Pendants and LED Wristbands

NBA All-Star Weekend

PixMob was chosen to illuminate two events of this major basketball celebration that took place this year, in New York City and Brooklyn.

A Human Video Screen

The Taco Bell Skills Challenge is an “obstacle course” consisting of dribbling, passing and shooting stations for the best opposing basketball players in the USA. PixMob partnered with Moment Factory to improve the spectators’ and players’ experience during this vibrant moment. The video-mapping specialists projected live decor on the court while these multicolour effects extended on the bleachers through the spectators’ LED pendants with a series of light explosions, countdowns, equalizers, fireworks and radials. Each victory or failure was echoed through the audience like halos of lights, making supporters a “skill meter”of the performance of the players on the court.

A sparkling moment in the legendary Madison Square Garden

During the pre-game introductions of the basketball players, and the halftime show featuring Ariana Grande, the spectators’ LED wristbands lit up in sync with what was happening on court, making the audience actively participate with the artist’s performance on stage, creating an interactive experience for all.