Sports stadium activations

Sports stadium activations


Multiple Pro sports teams


Over 1 million participants


LED Wristbands

Sports stadium activations

PixMob has illuminated different sporting events, bringing fan energy to the highest level. During pre-game, halftime entertainment and brand activations our LED wristbands light up, turning the crowd into a brilliant canvas. Our intense, emotional experience has connected over 1 million fans with their favorite athletes.

Diversified use of Technology Creates Customized, Magical Shows

Our creative team has used LED bracelets in myriad ways to design customized shows, enhance performances and amplify immersive fan experiences. Not only do our specialized crowd effects create a mesmerizing sense of unity, but they paint powerful landscapes and movement effects in sync with music and performance. Crowds revel in our light shows’ celebratory atmospheres throughout the game.

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Sports stadium activations
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