Elegantly Bold


Like a newly visible star, NOVA creates bursts of energy with its tremendous light output over a prolonged period of time. With the brightness of 10 wristbands and a battery life that lasts up to 25 hours of show (and is now rechargeable), NOVA was designed to bring new life to any venue.

917x515.8 NOVA2 Hero-2


The brightest Pixel ever made

NOVA can be rented for single-day events or semi-permanent installations saving you up to 40% on costs and making it an ideal option for recurring events at arenas and stadiums. The device can be attached to seats, cupholders, and armrests, and comes in a protective waterproof shield. NOVA offers all of PixMob’s unparalleled advanced effects and can be synced to all of our other wearables and props.

HubSpot Video


IR Controlled

High brightness 1.5 W RGB LED
PixMob BLE Infrastructure 

PixMob Video Optimized


Long-lasting battery life with optimized integrated sleep mode


Rechargeable with a charging station


Can be used for multiple events - up to 25h of activities


Powered by LiPo batteries


Save up to 40% by renting NOVA for your events.


Ask us for more information about our rental options.