We want to make impacts on people, not the planet.

Our LED Wristbands are made from recycled & recyclable materials.

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Light up your tour or event with sustainable, fan-inspiring awesomeness.

Our wristbands pack crowd-transforming lighting effects into reusable LED wearables. All of our wristband products are made from recycled, compostable, or recyclable /  refurbishable materials.

Each PixMob product design features easy disassembly and cleaning, making them efficient to reuse and recycle. By closing the loop on tour lighting tech and creating longer wristband life-cycles, we help our clients save money and the planet. Our LDI award-winning Recycling Program seamlessly deploys all necessary equipment and staff on-site to mobilize recycling stations and maximize product return. 

Contact us to learn how you can go green with immersive crowd lighting technology. 

We Recycle For Full Circle Fun

3 Pillar Approach to Sustainability

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1 - Material Science

For over 5 years, our R&D team has worked to eliminate single use plastics from our products through material science, exploring different types of recycled plastics. 

2 - Recycling & Refurbishing

We’ve turned single-use products into renewable awesomeness. Our operations & production team implement our on-site recycling program to significantly reduce waste. 

Use this cheat sheet as a reminder of how to be AWESOME at recycling.

3 - Innovating Always

Beyond sustainable wearables, we’ve also innovated rechargeable products; minimizing impacts while still inspiring fans. 

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The future is bright.