Wondering how our technology works and whether it’s right for your event?

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most frequently about choosing and using our products.

How do your LED wristbands work for live events?
Our PixMob wearables use high brightness LEDs with the full color spectrum to
create a vast array of stunning visual effects for any event. We have two different
technologies that can be used to power the wristbands either using an Infrared
transmitter or a Radio Frequency system. In both cases, the experience can be pre-
programed (to match specific songs, beats or announcements) and / or activated live (if
a sports team scores for example).
How much do your wristbands cost?

Pricing depends on several factors, including:

  • The number of participants
  • The type of product and desired effects
  • The location (i.e. shipping costs)
  • The branding needs
Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.
What is the process of working with PixMob?
It’s a very collaborative process and mostly goes as follows:
Dream & Design - Discussing the vision and exploring the right product and experience design to bring it to life.
Visualize - Using our in-house software to preview the show in a 3D virtual environment to test out different visual concepts and facilitate pre-prod collaboration.
Produce - Producing and branding the selected products. Note that we now only use recycled and plant-based materials for the production of our wristbands.
Operate - Choosing either the white glove turnkey solution, onsite training, or online tech classes at PixMob Academy with remote support to operate the show with your team.
Recycle - Recycling at the end of the event to extend the life cycle of our products. This also comes in with a discount for our partners as we can refurbish the wristbands. Check out our recycling program https://www.pixmob.com/sustainability
What kind of effects can you create with PixMob?

Overall we allow you to light up the whole venue at the same time (unifying effects), light up sections of the venue (spatialized effects), create waves or movement and even project shapes or logo on the crowd (like the hearts we projected for Coldplay or a sponsor logo in a sports game). We can create glowing effects or pulsing effects to hype up the fans. And we are always expanding the possibilities so sky is the limit really. More information here - https://www.pixmob.com/your-event/detail/our-effects 

What is the Battery life of your products? How long do they last?

Depending on the wristbands, our battery life lasts between 4-7 hours. We also offer our Nova products that last 25 hours and are rechargeable, great for multi day events or semi-permanent installations.

Where do the products come from?

At PixMob, we invent, design and manufacture our products in-house. Our team of software, hardware and firmware developers obsesses about the technology to improve our products all the time. We manufacture the products in China with carefully selected partners.  

What is the right product for my event?

It depends on the experience you wish to create and what your operational considerations are. Our new FCC Certified sustainable Wavebands offer great premium effects and are easy to deploy. They run on Radio Frequency Technology. If you prefer the top of the line then we’d recommend you look into our Infrared solutions with X3 or X4. 

What are the Branding capabilities you offer?

We have a fully brandable wristband so you can add your tour’s branding, a sponsor branding or anything else you’d like. We can also quickly deploy branding solutions with stickers if urgent timeframes require it. 

Beyond the lighting experience can the wristband lead to a digital experience?

Yes, we can easily include a QR Code on the wristbands to allow you to lead fans to a digital experience. Most of our clients use this to drive to merchandise, or to create a lucky draw for further engagement during their events.

How sustainable are the products?

We design sustainable products & solutions to minimize our environmental impact and optimize our product life cycle. We have won 2 sustainability awards from Lighting Design International, but most importantly we have been able to recycle up to 75% of our wristbands on large tours, reusing more than 1 Million wristbands in 2 years. However this is a long journey and we are always working towards improving our overall environmental impact. 

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