Connect Crowds. Reinvent Rituals.

PixMob Moving head

Our Moving head

Raising the bar of crowd lighting experience

The PixMob Moving head takes immersive lighting technology further than ever before. This advanced controller works with our LED objects to heighten crowd experiences and give lighting designers a whole new spectrum of impact and creativity. With more design flexibility than ever, to create spatialized effects, integrating shapes and movements has never been easier, or more brilliant.

PixMob Portable Transmitter

Portable transmitter

Putting light art at finger tips of performers

Introducing live interaction from stage to crowd: PixMob unveils light painting technology that turns any performing artist into a light artist, and any crowd into their canvas. Performers can infuse their shows with the thrill of direct connection, drawing their audience in as they draw light on their audience. A dazzling display of creativity and engagement creating interactive effects.

What we do

PixMob creates togetherness

We believe in creating unforgettable moments through immersive crowd activation, connecting people to pulsating light and sound, and breaking down the barrier between audience and performance.

PixMob lets the audience become a part of the show. Each spectator is transformed into a pixel, turning the crowd into a brilliant canvas. This unique experience creates lasting memories, shareable moments and enhanced connections.