Passion 2020 Conference



Mercedez-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA


65,000 fans



Wristband X2

Sharing Light

On the eve of the new decade, 65,000 students gathered in worship, prayer, and justice for spiritual awakening. Passion’s mission was to unite this generation and #ShareLight. PixMob was honored to be part of this gathering and enhance its message through our technology. As the wristbands lit up, light now had a spiritual and physical meaning that drew the crowd together under a message of solidarity, empathy, and generosity. 

“PixMob helped us accomplish a unique goal of having a stadium full of 65,000 people all feel like a part of a singular, intimate moment. Whether you were on the floor or up in the 300 section, the technology created an engaging experience for everyone in the room. The flexibility of controls gave us infinite possibilities while designing the event and the pre-programming options were critical for our team to understand exactly what would be executed at any given point in the show. On top of it all, the PixMob staff were great to work alongside leading up to and throughout Passion 2020.”

Jonathan Sheehan

(Passion Global Brand Curator // Director of Events)


“During Passion 2020, PixMob was the creative catalyst to expand the visual of the stage into the room by creating a dynamic and immersive environment. We were exited to partner with PixMob and enjoyed the creative process with their team. They have an incredible real-time visualizer that allowed us to program and preview different moments to dial in exactly what we were trying to create. On-site their team was extremely helpful and hardworking, and our team felt confident that what was shown in the pre-program process would translate to the live environment. The flexibility that PixMob brought to the event through their propriety equipment and moving head fixtures allowed for more complex and attractive looks throughout Passion 2020.”

Davis Kornegay

(Passion Lighting Designer)

Photo credit: Anna Meyer, Austin Bell, Austin Rapp, Brooke Bennette, Brooke Womack, Karli Gribble, Nolan Knight.

Video credit: Passion 2020 Conference

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