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NOVA: Our newest and brightest pixel

When the world went dark, we went brighter

With the brightness of 10 wristbands and a battery life that lasts up to 25 hours of show, our newest pixel, NOVA, was designed to bring new life to any venue whether empty or full. NOVA is the perfect solution to illuminate a whole stadium or arena, filling up empty seats and creating a cheerful atmosphere for your sports team or artists performing on stage.




Wristband X2R

Made of recycled materials

With an award-winning recycling program in place, the next step towards an even more sustainable solution was the development of a wristband made out of recycled plastic. Here it is: the Wristband X2R - with a strap made out 100% recycled plastic, but with the same PixMob quality level. And we’re just getting started.


Portable transmitter

PixMob Portable Transmitter

Putting light art at finger tips of performers

Introducing live interaction from stage to crowd: PixMob unveils light painting technology that turns any performing artist into a light artist, and any crowd into their canvas. Performers can infuse their shows with the thrill of direct connection, drawing their audience in as they draw light on their audience. A dazzling display of creativity and engagement creating interactive effects.

New Moving head

PixMob Moving head

Raising the bar of crowd lighting experience

The unique PixMob Moving head takes immersive lighting technology further than ever before. This advanced controller works with our LED objects to heighten crowd experiences and give lighting designers a whole new spectrum of impact and creativity. With more design flexibility than ever, to create spatialized effects, integrating shapes and movements has never been easier, or more brilliant.


X2R Recycled

Against single-use plastic

PixMob is not only a trendsetter in collective sensory experiences but is also ahead of the game when it comes to sustainable practices. We use innovation to deliver unforgettable shows while having the smallest impact on the environment. Minimizing the consumption of new materials by reusing and recycling our products to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising its quality is our priority.

The ultimate goal is for you to have a good time for a long time.