Up close: The PixMob Visualizer

Up close: The PixMob Visualizer

A creative tool for visualizing events

Since PixMob’s inception, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of the fan experience, integrating more complex visual effects and new technologies into our productions. One of our frequent pre-production challenges is communicating how a PixMob show will look to our clients. Since audience members “wear” pixels, the full lighting effect can’t be seen until showtime. In search of a cost-effective way to streamline client communications while speeding up the large-scale event preparation process, we developed the PixMob Visualizer.

The PixMob Visualizer is a new in-house software that previews PixMob shows in a 3D virtual environment. This tool lets us easily test different visual concepts to see how they will work at each show. It also synchronizes effects to music and other visual show elements, which is a key issue for our clients. Plus, videos can be easily shared between clients, lighting designers and creative teams. This way, we know that we’ll all be on the same page when it comes to creating awe-inspiring effects and an immersive experience.

Using advanced technology, we split the virtual venue into different zones, creating effects like concentric circles, waves and low-res motion graphics. The software also uses pixel density to show how effects can differ according to attendance. Its simulations of different camera angles (stage, crowd, TV camera, etc.) give clients a comprehensive overview of the effects.

With the visualizer we can easily change parameters, and test how different visual concepts will integrate into a show. A key element here, is that we can synchronize the effects to music, and all other visual show elements. Video exports facilitate rapid back-and- forth with our clients to keep everyone in the creative process on the same page and facilitate communication with lighting designers and creative teams. This permit a clear, pointed and holistic visualization of the way we can seamlessly integrate with all elements to create the most wowing effects and immersive experience.

This powerful tool not only shows clients what we can do, but makes collaboration and communication easier. We now have a more precise pre-production process with more creative freedom and control. The new standard for large-scale event planning, the PixMob Visualizer, is raising the bar of lighting design to create never-before-seen effects.