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Coachella Music Festival : Bad Bunny & Black Pink


Indio, California


Empire, Polo Club



Transforming the Coachella Stage into a Sea of Lights

For the first time in the festival’s 24-year history, crowds at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival were connected through immersive wearable lighting technology. Synchronized through our X3 LED wristbands, our crew transformed the fans at the festival’s headlining Bad Bunny and BlackPink concerts into living, breathing light shows.

Bad Bunny, the first Latino Artist and Hispanic musician to headline the festival, approached us with a unique challenge: Bring the Bad Bunny “World’s Hottest Tour” stadium experience to the logistically-challenging festival grounds of Coachella. To deliver this standard of experience at a multi-performance venue, we needed to turn each person in the scattered, roaming crowd into an integral part of the show; creating a connected, immersive experience. 

Over 80,000 X3 LED wristbands were rapidly distributed to festival goers before each performance. Once the show started, our infrared moving head technology swept through the crowd, painting effects and rhythmic patterns of light and connection throughout the 80,000 fans. 

The performance reached its jaw-dropping climax when Bad Bunny, suspended in the air on a jet ski, flew over the audience as our LED wristbands sent flowing blue waves of light across the entire cheering crowd.

In another Coachella first, headliner group Black Pink also proudly claimed their role as the first Kpop artist group to headline the festival. Using our LED wristbands, they were able to wash the crowd in their signature Pink Wave at their headliner debut of the festival.


With 2023 being the biggest live broadcast Coachella has ever done, we were thrilled to work with these ground-breaking artists to bring their unique artistic vision and flair to fans in a festival setting. 

In an effort to create an impact on fans without leaving them in the environment, we also set up recycling logistics for each show, ensuring access to bins and support staff at the exit of each show to maximize wristband recovery.

Read on about how artists used our X3 LED wristbands to deliver unparalleled fan and brand experiences at the world’s most famous music festival.


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