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Custom Compostable Wristbands

Bright, Beautiful, Sustainable.

Coldplay came to us with a challenge; they wanted to innovate and tour sustainably. We took this mission seriously, inventing our brightest wristband with a casing made entirely of sustainable plastic. This new 7-LED wristband is the world’s first compostable plant-based plastic wristband.

Our 7 LED wristbands are made of a highly sustainable plant-based plastic sourced from renewable sugarcane. The raw material for the wristband is grown under a "Supplier Code of Conduct", prescribing sustainability practices audited by third-party inspectors.  This material has zero deforestation impact or displacement of food supply. The processed PLA plastic used in the 7-LED wristbands has a carbon footprint that is 400% lower than regular plastic (PET) at 500 kg CO2 eq./tonne polymer. At 17 grams of PLA plastic in each 7-LED wristband, total emissions for 1M units are estimated at 8,500 kg CO2 eq. According to US EPA this is equivalent to 1.8 car driven for a year, can be sequestered by 141 trees grown for 10 years.

In order to reduce the need for raw materials, we designed the wristband for refurbishing onsite using simple tools—our patent-pending 'living hinges' transform the hard plant-based plastic into a bendable strap that makes this product easy to sanitize and reuse. At the end of the product’s life, the plastic casing is removable and decomposes after two months in an industrial composter or two years in regular compost.

This 7 LED wristband is  the brightest wristband on the market. In collaboration with our Moving Heads these LED wristbands offer a spectacular immersive light experience. Our technology offers flexibility and best-in-class efforts so that designers and artists can seamlessly express their vision.