Heineken 5tardium

Heineken 5tardium


Seoul, Korea


10,000 participants


LED wristbands + LED balls

PixMob, part of the Multi-experience

As its hyper-portmanteau name suggests, 5tardium is an event organized by Heineken Korea in a star-shaped stadium, with 5 different stages offering 5 different experiences.

The concept was created by VU Entertainment, and is designed so that the music from one stage does not interfere with any of the others.

Each stage featured a different subgenre of electronic music, while around the stadium attendees could watch an aerial dance show, dance with a giant LED robot named DUNDU, and rock out with PixMob LED wristbands and balls.

10,000 wristbands were lit up throughout the stadium, connecting the crowds from all 5 stages. 300 glowing LED balls bounced throughout the crowd, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere and an unforgettable experience.


“We wanted to offer people a chance to experience something that they had not yet ever been given a chance to experience before.”