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Illuminating The Inaugural Saudi Games



Riyad, Saudi Arabia


King Fahd Stadium


Nova & 3XR

The illumination of the first ever Saudi Games

The inaugural Saudi National Games took place at King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh and welcomed the participation of more than 6000 male and female athletes competing in 45 sports, including 5 games dedicated to paralympic competitors. The two week long event was the largest national sports event of its kind in Saudi Arabia history. Working alongside Balich Wonder Studio for the creation/production and Lighting Director Koert Vermeulen from ACTLD, PixMob was thrilled to provide some extra atmosphere throughout the opening ceremony.

With the athletes already seated on ground level in a massive collective shaped into the Saudi Games logo, PixMob brought the entire floor to life thanks to the installation of 1500 of our elegantly bold IR- controlled Nova devices attached directly to the backseats. The Novas spectacular real-time engagement showcased the diverse array of visual effects we have to offer during the illuminated inauguration.

The 50,000+ sports fans in attendance were also treated to their own X3R bracelet that lit up the ceremony. The bracelets enabled everyone that was part of the event to be fully incorporated not only in the ceremony but also in DJ David Guetta’s set. The french renowned DJ wrapped up the ceremony with a dazzling performance for the guests with our bracelets flashing in sync.

PixMob did our part to ensure that the Saudi Games opening will always be a bright start to an unforgettable sporting event!