KCON LA 2019



Staples Center, Los Angeles




Wristband A

Portable Transmitter

PixMob meets Kpop

KCON is the world’s largest convention revolving around K-culture. Featuring live performances, the Staples Center was center-stage to a medley of Korean bands. A special level of energy and excitement filled the arena. For many, KCON represented a rare opportunity to meet with their idols from overseas and see them perform on U.S. soil. 

Having followed Kpop over the years, we were well aware of the hype surrounding this rising industry. We also knew KCON was the place to be to discover the up and coming artists of this genre… but what we didn’t expect was one of the loudest crowds we’ve seen in a while. When PixMob wristbands lit up for the first time, the audience roared in excitement, an energy that did not fade as the show went on. At times, we had no other way to describe the screams as deafening. It was an unbelievable energy that even got our show operator standing and bumping at his lighting console. 

In circumstances like this event, where there is an assortment of performers with very different visual identities, the wristbands allowed KCON’s creative team to think outside the box stage. Extending the lighting design from the stage to the audience, their team was able to create an immersive experience for the crowd, no matter which artist was on stage.

Video: Youtube, KCON USA

Footage: PixMob