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Bad Bunny The World’s Hottest Tour - 2022

Bad Bunny WHST 3


US, Canada, Latin America


Stadiums (42 shows)


X4 with fully branded strap + QR code

Lighting up the World's Hottest Tour is no small task

We started working with Bad Bunny in 2018 in his hometown of Puerto Rico when he was still breaking into the mainstream. Since then we've been on every one of his tours, upping the creativity, brightness, and overall technology from tour to tour. 

When Bad Bunny came to us with the idea of a collaborating on his first stadium tour (and a record breaking one) we knew we had to break the mold and come up with something truly exceptional.

If Bad Bunny wants to turn up the heat, then we'll help turn up the lights.

Our tireless R&D team quickly got to work designing the X4, one of our brightest and most sustainable bracelet yet. Not only is the X4 our most powerful wearable to date, showcasing 4 LEDs powered by 2x AAA alkaline batteries, it is also the largest with our recycled polypropylene  casing registering dimensions of 60mm x 32mm x 20mm.

Bad Bunny fans were delighted to be sent home with a fully branded polyester wrist strap as a keepsake to the highest grossing tour by a Latin artist in history. Not to be outdone, our highly talented in-house production team managed logistics and the communications between ourselves and the artist's production team to ensure that operations went smoothly on the 4-month tour that saw our products go out the door and seamlessly reach no less than 42 concert dates in 14 countries across the Americas.

PixMob set the goal of wanting to help Bad Bunny create more magic in the crowd, and our brightest bracelet helped put a little shine on each concert.

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Bad Bunny WHST 3