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The Iconic Elton John's Retirement Tour

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Los Angeles, California 


Dodger Stadium



Fully branded X3

A farewell from the Dodgers Stadium 

The legendary British singer, composer and pianist Elton John wanted to create something special for his final North American Show. The Dodgers Stadium, where he became a legend in 1975, was his last stop on his Farewell Tour.

The artist came to us with a mission, create something special while staying in line with his creative style; classy and theatrical. This was a collaborative project with Patrick Woodroofe who has worked for some of the world's most iconic artists like Michael Jackson and Adele.  

Working closely with Patrick and his creative team, after many months of back and forth using our innovative pre-visualiser program, the vision came to life. 50,000 of our X3 wristbands created magic throughout the last performance of his career. Our wristbands were integrated with other technical aspects of the performance, like wave effects extending from the screens into the sea of fans. The most magical moment of the collaboration was when everyone lit together to the sounds of Elton playing the piano.

Elton is known for composing several songs in Disney’s 1994 animated film The Lion King, making it suiting for his Farewell to be live-streamed on Disney Plus; the first ever global stream on Disney +. 

It was truly a memorable moment for PixMob when the fans waved their wristbands to Elton’s famous Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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