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Imagine Dragons, Mercury World Tour - 2022





Stadiums (7)


Fully branded X3

Firing up the crowd thanks to our moving head technology

PixMob has been proudly working together with Imagine Dragons since 2018 thanks to the Dan Reynolds-led LOVELOUD festival that celebrates our friends and family in the LGBTQ+ community.

Imagine Dragons has been wanting to use our state of the art moving head system for their Mercury World Tour, and we got to work designing our most immersive set of effects to date.

This series of concert events were the perfect canvas for us to showcase our exclusive effects technology that we have designed and developed in-house. We control our motorized transmitter directly from the board, and wherever you move it, it will paint invisible light on the crowd which then becomes the desired visual effect.

This technology allows us to showcase massive sweeps, concentric circles, and graduating movements of light and darkness which provide a seldom-seen flowing effect in the crowd.

PixMob's moving head doesn't require any pre-programming with individual bracelets, so laborious distribution of wristbands on seats is no longer required and the technology is essentially program-and-play.

Every beat and hi-hat of the show is meticulously planned out in a synergy of sound and light, and provides both the crowd and the artist with jaw-dropping visuals that never cease to impress and always bring on roars of approval each time the wristbands light up.