Montreal Canadiens - 2021 Playoffs



Montreal, Quebec


Bell Centre



Wristband X2 and NOVA

Making 3,500 feel like 35,000

For the 2021 playoffs and the return of fans, the Montreal Canadiens wanted to give their audience an experience they would never forget. For their Round 3 series against the Vegas Golden Knights, the Montreal Canadiens enlisted PixMob to create an arena experience that would amplify the limited capacity crowd of 3,500.

Using 5,000 ultra-bright Novas installed on empty seats, as well as wristbands for each of the 3,500 fans in attendance, the Montreal Canadiens and PixMob collaborated to create a variety of pre-programmed lighting effects for the game opening, national anthem, goal celebrations, and other key moments.

With a turnaround time of less than 36 hours, the PixMob team arrived at the Bell Centre early on game day to perform the installation. Additionally, with everything pre-programmed and tested before game time, PixMob was able to ensure that they were able to deliver on this project in a short amount of time. 

Click here to learn more about the Nova and our work with the Montreal Canadiens. 

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