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The Weeknd, After Hours til Dawn Tour - 2022

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US & Canada


Stadiums (18 shows)


X2R and X3

Creating a constellation of shining stars in a dystopian rock opera

Canadian singer songwriter Abel Tesfaye, who you may know better as global megastar The Weeknd, came to us with a very specific challenge in mind.

The artist had a vision of turning the crowd stood before him into a massive constellation of stars assembled in front of the stage during his 18-stop stadium After Hours til Dawn tour. The Weeknd wanted to create a dystopian rock opera on his long overdue tour, and we wanted to help him out in any way that he and his team saw fit.

We here at PixMob love helping artists shine light on their dreams, and the chance to work again with creative director La Mar Taylor and production designer Es Devlin was not something we could afford to pass up, no matter how tricky the time constraints.

Accepting to help out on the project, however, came with its own set of challenges for our crew. Namely, how do we turn around a project in only 11 days when we normally have between 3 to 6 months to workshop and then fine-tune a finished product to our own lofty standards?

Our lighting designer and programmer Stefan Zubovic alongside The Weeknd's light designer Jason Baeri quickly got to work. They designed a visual treat that first showcased our X2R light up wristband, which uses recycled plastic, and then moved onto the X3 wristband which has a paper strap and a larger casing that allows the LED to shine brighter through the light up bracelet and throughout the audience.

And The Weeknd certainly did shine bright, right alongside his adoring audience.

To find out more about this ambitious concert-touring production, please check LSA's featured story.

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The weeknd
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