Sensation Asia Tour

Sensation Asia Tour


Taiwan, Korea, Thailand


50,000 participants


LED Wristbands

Wicked Wonderland

Sensation is an indoor electronic dance music event that started in the Netherlands. Organized by ID&T, Heineken came on board as a co-producer for the 2013-2014 Wicked Wonderland tour, a sensual journey of exploration through a place full of secrets and surprises. Everyone was invited to open a white door, go beyond it, and spend a few hours experiencing and enjoying this other world.

A surprising green effect

One of the surprises of this mysterious event was in the LED wristbands worn by each of the clubbers. After the beat dropped and the room went dark, every LED bracelet suddenly glowed in Heineken’s iconic green, bursting with light in time with each beat in the music. People shouted and danced as the energy peaked.

For Heineken, this was an inventive way to engage customers. The Sensation Heineken Moment provided for an immersive and intense live experience. Attendees then took their branded wristbands home as totems: a lasting memory of this incredible live event, and a strong way to build an association between a brand and its fans!