Sensation Euro Tour

Sensation Euro Tour


Bologna, Italy & St-Petersburg, Russia


23,000 participants


LED Wristbands

Into the Wild

The Sensation show “Into the Wild” is based on the primal instincts of the wildlife. The jungle is a metaphor for a night of dancing, where men search and hunt for female prey to catch. The 360° show is a spectacular artistic performance with lasers, blasts of fog and CO2, dancers, pyrotechnics, water jets, interactive LED technologies and a giant inflatable white snake hanging from the ceiling, the biggest “balloon” in the world.

The WOW effect

Every Sensation party has its own surprises. Into the Wild St. Petersburg and Bologna handed glowing bracelets to the attendees upon their entrance to the show. The LED wristbands connected people through multicolor lights thanks to their embedded wireless LED, which sync with music and special effects. Everyone was wearing a digital flame, reinventing fire rituals to get everybody, Into the Wild.

Crowd as an active part of the show

The experience for the 15 000 attendees to the St Petersburg show – the biggest one featuring PixMob wristbands – was particularly intense. The clubbers were entirely immersed in the mise-en-scene, representing the eyes of the beast. Moving around and changing colours, the halos of light reflected the state of the animal, and changed the atmosphere as the night went on. This immersion made for an unforgettable experience. The attendees created their own night, wearing LED wristbands.