Star Academy

Star Academy


Montreal, Canada


LED hats and Balls

PixMob thrills studio and home audiences

For the 2012 Star Académie season opener, pop star Grégoire performed his hit “Toi + Moi.” PixMob added a magical lighting touch to a dance choreography of 40 performers. Dancers wearing illuminated PixMob hats moved in concentric circles as the lighting effects amplified their movements in sync with the music.

For the performance of Belgian artist Stromae, colourful PixMob balls were tossed into the crowd, bringing the energy to a peak as audience members jumped around. This playful and surprising element stunned everyone in studio as well as over 2 million TV viewers.

Amplifying choreography and music

PixMob can bring an innovative twist to choreography. For this project, PixMob’s interactive LED technology allows pixels to be controlled in predefined groups. The singers looped around concentric circles of dancers, each one lighting up with a different colour.