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New LED Wristband Technology Revealed on Taylor Swift’s 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour

On May 8th, Taylor Swift kicked off the first show of the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour to a sold-out and record-breaking crowd in Glendale, Arizona. Over 60 000 fans were transformed into a work of art thanks to a host of high tech production elements utilized during the two-hour extravaganza, including PixMob's new Moving head projectors, creating never-before-seen dynamic lighting effects.

So how do these effects work? Ten of PixMob's moving heads trigger dynamic lighting effects and shapes via patented infrared light beams, lighting up fans' wristbands in sync with the show: "The beams are digital paint brushes. As they pan and zoom across the audience, fan's bracelets light up," said Vincent Leclerc, PixMob chief technology officer. These spatialized lighting effects become an extension of the stage lighting design, in essence, the audience is involved while creating an immersive experience.