Mexico XXI Century

Mexico XXI Century


Mexico City, Mexico


10,000 participants

An audience activated by thousands of lights

Last september of 2014, PixMob lit up the Telmex Foundation “Mexico XXI Century” event, produced annually in Mexico City’s National Auditorium to honor its scholarship holders.

Every year this well renowned forum, invites global leaders and celebrities to share their views and opinions on different crafts and disciplines. This edition featured the following speakers: former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, soccer star Ronaldinho, actor Antonio Banderas and writer Lizzie Velasquez to speak in front of 10,000 of the foundation’s scholarship holders.

Imagic Group, a corporate production agency based in Mexico City, was selected to produce the event. Imagic chose to work with PixMob based on our international reputation, using our LED wristbands to amplify the participants’ experience.

For this occasion, 10,000 wristbands were handed to the attendees. The PixMob team lit up the wristbands in sync with the lighting, making the spectators part of the show and creating great photo opportunities for the press and cell-phone cameras at the event.