Tiësto at Hakkasan

Tiësto at Hakkasan


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


2,500 participants


LED wristbands + PixMob Video technology

Transforming the clubbing experience

Tiësto at Hakkasan: First ever video mapping on a crowd

2500 Tiësto fans became part of the lighting show at Hakkasan nightclub thanks to LED wristbands controlled through wireless infrared. Pulsating with light and colour, the crowd became a canvas for Tiësto’s visuals, creating an immersive experience thus far seen only at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

An innovative technology transforming clubbing perception

For the first time in clubbing history, the crowd on the dance floor of the famous Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub turned into a human video display. Thanks to technology designed by PixMob, the 2500 LED bracelets worn by audience members acted as pixels in a living, breathing piece of art. The colour and brightness of the LED pixels changed according to information sent in real time via wireless infrared. Tiësto’s lighting designer was able to control the pixels using his computer to create colourful shapes and designs across the crowd – all in sync with Tiësto’s hypnotic beats. The clubbers became part of the show for an engaging experience with the famous DJ. Branded with Tiësto’s Club Life logo, the LED wristbands were set to motion-sensitive mode following the show. Thrilled Tiësto fans took their glowing Club Life bracelets home to keep the party going well beyond the night.